If anyone would like to help..

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If anyone would like to help..

Post  VJ on 15/9/2008, 1:31 am

I'll credit you for the Pics you provide.

Gotta take a lot of screen captures for a project I'm working in, I need Enemies and NPCs. Basicly you just Swivel or Manipulate the Camera to get a good Shot of one of these, then hit Print Screen.

Enemies Needed:
Field Wolf General - Taken
Violent Field Volf General
Troublemaker Black Wolf
StampEdge - Taken
StampEdgeWatchman - Taken
Red-Eyed StampEdge
Cacori Stamp of Belief
Patch Cat of Courage
Patch Cat
Patch Links
Duck Wrench of Justice
Drake Wrench - Taken
Dirty Toadstool - Taken
Bloody Jester - Taken

NPCs needed:

Enemies will be cropped and placed on this page:
If you provide a Shot I'll include a Submitted by 'username'
Above the Pic.

NPCs will be cropped and place on a quest page I'm working on, with the Submited text under the pic.
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