Mage skill build - Hybrid healer (Half damage dealer, half healer)

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Mage skill build - Hybrid healer (Half damage dealer, half healer)

Post  Aileena on 29/8/2008, 1:19 am

[center] This guide is based on level 38, with 70 points. I've altered some of this from my original skills because I believe this will be better.
The skills go down in order of which you should add points in to.


Fire bullet (5/5) - For damage uses.
Fire of Earth (5/5) - For damage, used before Fire bullet.
Staff Mastery (5/5) - Adds magical damage. Passive.
Mental Witcheryer Infusion (5/5) - Enhances your magic attack.
Party Mental Witcheryer Infusion (1/1) - Enhances up to 80% of your intelligence.

[21 points]
In addition, Aura of Darkness could be maxed but not necessary, due to Fire of Earth having a 1 second cooldown time.


Healing (5/5) - Gives up to 700hp.
Ressurect (1/1) - This only gives the person 10% of their HP and MP back, so in difficult situations a Revival scroll is recommended.
Recovery (5/5) - Recovers 85hp every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.
Study of the Witcheryer of Light (5/5) - This allows higher damage and better healing. Passive.
Intermediate Healing (2/2) - This gives up to 1500hp.
Instant Healing (5/5) - Heals up to 1050 hp. It has a 15 second cooldown time and costs the same as Intermediate Healing, so use in emergencies.
Enhanced Energy (5/5) - This is to add points into the Heavenly Light attribute in order to get higher level healing.
Enhanced Party Energy (1/1) - Enhances up to 30% of your energy.
Intermediate Recovery (2/2) - Recovers 400hp every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.
Advanced Healing (2/2) - Gives up to 6000hp.
Lightning (5/5) - This is used for attack, and to add points into the Heavenly Light attribute.
Instant Intermediate Healing (2/2) - Heals up to 4200hp. Uses 10mp LESS than Advanced Healing.
Thunder Bomb, Storm of Destruction OR random spells that add up to 5.

[45 points]


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