Mage Skill Build - Hybrid Damage Dealer (HF/HL)

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Mage Skill Build - Hybrid Damage Dealer (HF/HL)

Post  masta1128 on 2/11/2008, 1:29 pm

Fire/Lightning Hybrid Mage Guide
This is not a designed for player vs player. It is for player vs monsters.

Before you read on, please remember to consider that you are the one playing. Make a class to your liking, this is just a guide, not a rule.

Level ~ Spell
5 ~2 Fire Bullet
6 ~2 Fire Bullet
7 ~1 Fire Bullet, 1 Eagle Eye
8 ~2 Staff Mastery
9 ~2 Staff Mastery
10 ~1 Staff Mastery, 1 Aura of Darkness
11 ~2 Aura of Darkness
12 ~2 Aura of Darkness
13 ~1 Mental Witcheryer Infusion, 1 Incomplete Witcheryer
14 ~2 Mental Witcheryer Infusion
15 ~2 Mental Witcheryer Infusion
16 ~1 Party Mental Witcheryer Infusion, 1 Shadow of Fear
17 ~2 Ocean of Fire
18 ~2 Ocean of Fire
19 ~1 Ocean of Fire, Save 1 skill point
20 ~Save 2 skill point
21 ~Save 2 skill point
22 ~Save 2 skill point
23 ~Save 2 skill point
24 ~5 Meteor, 1 Burning, 5 Amplify Fire Damage
25 ~1 Declare Peace, 1 Summon Demon
26 ~2 Summon Demon
27 ~2 Summon Demon
28 ~2 Incomplete Witcheryer
29 ~2 Incomplete Witcheryer
30 ~2 Enhanced Energy
31 ~2 Enhanced Energy
32 ~1 Enhanced Energy, 1 Protection of Light
33 ~1 Protection of Light, 1 Lightning
34 ~2 Lightning
35 ~1 Party Enhanced Energy, 1 Lightning
36 ~1 Lightning, 1 Amplify Climate
37 ~2 Amplify Climate

38 ~Save 2 skill point
39 ~Save 2 skill point
40 ~1 Dangerous Business, 1 Life or Death Blow,
1 Cursed Recovery, 2 Countercurrent Recovery, 1 Amplify

41 ~2 Amplify Climate
42 ~2 Healing
43 ~2 Thunderbomb
44 ~2 Thunderbomb
45 ~1 Thunderbomb, 1 Peacemaking
46 ~2 Healing
47 ~1 Healing, 1 Intermediate Healing
48 ~2 Elemental Barrier
49 ~2 Elemental Barrier
50 ~1 Elemental Barrier, Intermediate Healing
51 ~2 Advanced Healing
52 ~2 Witcheryer of Light
53 ~2 Thunderbolt
54 ~2 Thunderbolt
55 ~1 Thunderbolt, 1 Party Barrier

Comments Regarding Spells:
1. Bvlagri has a thread regarding how each spell works, please refer to his thread for spell description.
2. Fire of Earth (1st job) is not worth investing in because Burning (2nd job) also creates the burnt effect. Just live through the pain of not having a pre-cursor for a few days. It is better than paying millions for a scroll reset.
3. Shadow of Fear and Life or Death Blow are risky spells. It generates 100% threat to the caster as soon as the spell effect wears off. Unless you are far away, the effected monsters will come chasing you for quite a while, even tankerís provoke will not pull them off of you. These are great spells if you are attempting to run, but I would advise you not to use these if the tanker has everything under control.
4. Declare Peace, on the other hand, can be used in all situations, but keep in mind the 20 minute cooldown. All threat is neutralized for every monster within range of this spell. Monsters that spawn in the area where you cast, they will become idle (they donít move or attack you, but you can kill them) forever, unless the caster dies. Monsters that donít belong in the area will walk back to where they came from. Conclusion, you either get free kills or save the party, win-win situation.
5. Heavenly Light spells (blue) are completely optional. If you wish to be a pure Hell Fire (red) mage, you can use those blue points into other Hell Fire spells. Through my experience, HF mages are known for their AOE capabilities and not single target. Single target spell damage is higher in the HL tree. However, Bvlgari mathematically proved that HF does more damage over time than HL does. The link to that thread is above.

Leveling Areas
1~15 = Do quests, all of them, the experience reward is really high.
15~24 = Continue to do quests; you can also join Queenís Palace Party.
24~30 = Continue to do quests; you can also join Castle of Chess Party.
30~37 = No quests, the reward isnít worth it anymore. Join Distorted Queenís Palace or Forgotten Canyon Party.
37~43 = No quests. Join Forgotten Canyon or Night Valley Party
43~?? = No quests. Join Night Valley or Mountain Flamion Party.

During your leveling times, finding someone in the same time zone to soulmate with is not a bad idea. You get more experience if you are training with your soulmate and soulmate healing skill is very helpful. Although not required, finding a Tanker to soulmate with is a good combination for a Damage Dealing Mage. You can heal him and do damage to the monster your tanker is fighting; keeping both you and your tanker safe from dying.

While you are at it, MAKE FRIENDS! Sure you can solo your way up, but that only works up till around level 30. Monster's damage grows exponentially higher than your defense and hp can handle. Make friends so you can party with them: FC, NV, and MF all requires a party and those are pretty much the only ways to level fast later in the game.

Equipment and items
Do NOT buy NPC equipments ever, they are utterly useless. Unlike many other games where equipment for each level is vastly different, Asda Story has a more affordable system. Capacity and Sowel determines the significance of weapons and armor. So, when buying equipment, look for bonuses that would benefit you. Bonuses that are good for Damage Dealer mages are: staff skill damage (low lvls) and fire attribute (high lvls). Just keep upgrading basic sowels and option sowels because as a mage, armor capacity does not increase too much between levels. However, if you can afford to, by all means buy better armor or weapons. Remember, shop for bonuses, not capacity. For information on capacity, check here.

Potions will make your life easier and more favorable in party. MP potions aren't that expensive, you will find enough gold on the floor to cover the costs of your skill spamming. I personally hate party members who only use their regular melee attacks because they can't pay like "1%" of the money they have in their inventory. You will be very weak and very slow which makes you an unfavorable party candidate, so just buy potions. If you really want to save money, those beginner mp potions are useful up till level 40, just make sure you drink one every now and then. Don't be relying on healers all the time, you can only take a few hits, so if your health is below 50%, please drink a hp potion, it's not worth losing 10%.

Ability Points
Not much to talk about because Asda Story automatically distribute ability points for you. Try finding intelligence and stamina sowels; those will help you the most. Unless you can't afford mp potions, don't get energy sowels, those are used by healers. I have never had the problem where my mp consumption was faster than mp potion cooldown.

Final Notes
My build was inspired by the fact that higher instant damage (HL) mixed with constant damage (HF) will be better off than only constant damage (HF). Example: If all you do is fire bullet and compare that to some fire bullet mixed with lightning; 2nd combination will do more damage to one target in the end. I am fully aware that IF AND WHEN 4th job comes out, this build might not be suitable anymore. That's when you get your hands on a skill reset scroll Very Happy

IGN: masta1128, feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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