14th Oct 2008 Update

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14th Oct 2008 Update

Post  b5b on 14/10/2008, 5:26 pm

Happy Halloween Watchers What a Face

Dear Asda Story Community,

With tonight`s maintenance we`ve added in a number of great updates and began some events including the following:

Start of the Asda Story Halloween Celebration -
As soon as you log in and visit Alpen, you`ll notice the city has gotten into the Halloween spirit with a complete redecoration of the town! This is only the beginning, as we will be kicking our Halloween period off with a huge update on 10/28 with contests, special events, and never before seen items and content!

Halloween Attendance Event -
Call roll every day to have a shot at some great prizes with our October Attendance Event, prize information can be found here in the:

Halloween Attendance Event Post

Event Period - [10/14-10/28]

HP Elixirs and Regeneration Potions have been added -
Get the Health you need back in a hurry with HP Elixirs which will instantly recover all of your lost HP on a separate cooldown timer from regular HP Potions. To get fully back into the fight, the Regeneration Potions will instantly recover all lost HP and MP!

-Asda Story Support Team


Here is the news post about the prizes in the attendance event too Smile

Dear Asda Story Community,

To get into the Halloween spirit this year, we`re going to be starting things off with a maintenance this Monday [10/13] where Alpen will get a bit more festive...

To kick off our Halloween plans we`re going to be holding an October Attendance Event with some great prizes before the big surprises are unveiled closer to Halloween! Collect Event Tokens daily from theEvent NPC near the stage in Alpen, and players that collect enough will be getting some Large CC rewards!

Halloween Attendance Event -

Collect Over 5 tickets: 100 random players will win a Gold Exchange Ticket! (1,000,000 Gold in game)

Collect Over 10 tickets: 10 random players will win 3,000CC!!

If you collected all tickets possible: 5 random players will win 10,000CC!!

[Event period: 10/14/2008 to 10/27/2008]

Starting the morning of October 28th after a maintenance the night before we`re going to be starting the Halloween celebrations in full swing with some HUGE Contests, Special Events, and never before seen content!

-Asda Story Support Team

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