My Build 2H'S Damege Dealer (not finished)

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My Build 2H'S Damege Dealer (not finished)

Post  Flip on 11/10/2008, 9:07 pm

This Build is aimed to be finished by lvl 50, (Concentrated Slash and Dex Training will be maxed by then.)
This is a Damege Dealers Build for 2hs, Skills like lesson, counter attack ,porcupine posture and sprint are not needed since, as a damege dealer you should not be taking hits. leaving the skills and using the skill points on others is best. The first attack skill witcheryerful Fighting Spirit is not needed either it deals low damege even at lvl 5 and at lower leveld partys as the only aoe it will draw the mobs to you

hope this helps ya robin Smile

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